Where are all the good men?

Despite doing well on many levels – we were recently chosen as Oxfordshire’s Charity of the Year- we are struggling on one front. We can’t find enough ‘good men’ to work or volunteer for us!

76% of young people and adults who benefit from Yellow Submarine’s services are male. This reflects national epidemiological rates, with genetic conditions meaning learning disabilities are more common amongst men.

Yellow Submarine’s ambition is to have a workforce that represents its beneficiaries. However our recent recruitment rounds have been dominated by female candidates. 27 applications were received for the last post Yellow Submarine advertised but less than 30% of these came from males. Toby Staveley, Yellow Submarine’s founder, commented:

“Since our inception we’ve seen a clear trend of more women applying for the posts we’re recruiting for. Also concerning is that many of the male candidates who are applying typically don’t have the right skill-sets to make it to our short-lists. As a result we have a very significant imbalance of female staff and volunteers. At present 71% of our 21 strong staff team are female”

With expansion plans in the air, and up to 8 vacancies to fill, Yellow Submarine is taking active measures to reach out to potential male employees and volunteers. The organisation is targeting advertising at typically male domains And it has started a social media campaign ‪#‎wherearethegoodmen‬ to engage the public in its search.

Toby says: “The irony is that much of the work we do involves sport and things that are stereotypically male interests. Men have so much to offer charities such as ours- the young people we support are desperately crying for good male role models. There needs to be a perception shift about gender and jobs. When it happens I don’t think those males who join this sector will ever find more job satisfaction.”

If you know anyone who you think might be appropriate please direct them to:

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