Yellow Submarine is an ambitious Oxfordshire charity powered by volunteers. Without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to generate half as many smiles as we do!

Volunteering with us is an experience that is rewarding in many ways. As well as being a fantastic opportunity to support people with learning disabilities, their families and carers, and making a positive change in your community; you will be learning new skills, gaining CV experience and meeting a lot of new people! Don’t just take it from us, see what volunteers thought about their first time volunteering.


We need volunteers from all types of backgrounds, with all sorts of interests! Whether you are still at school, at work, retired, creative, sporty or enjoy playing board games we will have a volunteering opportunity for you! Our volunteering opportunities are not ‘one size fits all’, we will help find something to suit you and you can choose how often you would like to help out.

There are lots of questions to be asked so we’ve complied a FAQ section for potential volunteers for look over. Alternatively, you can contact a friendly member of our team.

If you’ve decided you’re keen, just fill in our ‘expression of interest’ form- you won’t regret it!


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