Volunteered on an adult residential trip

I had a fantastic time volunteering with Yellow Submarine. It was a privilege to go away on holiday with such an enthusiastic and fun group. The most rewarding aspects were getting to know the different personalities and seeing the group bond and grow in confidence as they launched themselves into new and different experiences. I have really fond memories of the characters I met, and our time in and around Windsor.

I think I was a little nervous at first – worried about getting it wrong, coming over as patronising, or not being fully able to appreciate the particular needs of the holidaymakers. But the Yellow Submarine charity – and group leader Toby especially – were excellent; they were really professional in the support that they gave and explained clearly what my role would be. So I felt reassured and able to relax, which makes for a better experience for everyone involved.

Something I hadn’t expected was quite how much I would learn from other people about the rewards of diversity, and that’s something that has helped me in my professional life too.

Since the first holiday, I’ve been back again with Yellow Submarine. I would recommend volunteering to anyone. You give a little bit of time but get back so much more!