Volunteers at our Witney youth club.

I volunteer for the young person's Youth Club and I can honestly say that my experience so far has been a memorable one, I absolutely love it. At first, I was extremely nervous as I didn't know what to expect but I received nothing but warm welcomes by all the young people and staff that attend the youth club. The atmosphere is incredible - full of laughs, happiness and joy. Every week I look forward to volunteering as I know I can make a young person smile, it is extremely rewarding.

I even volunteered to help out with the Christmas pantomime, it was such a fun day and all the young people enjoyed it, the excitement we had in the mini-bus beforehand was unforgettable! I am looking forward to volunteering more in the future (even going on holiday!). I will never forget this experience, I'm off to University in September 2016 and I can honestly say, I will really miss volunteering. I'd definitely recommend volunteering for Yellow Submarine, they are such an amazing charity.