Enterprise Development Manager
01993 357020

Sophie is currently on maternity leave. 


Sophie joined Yellow Submarine in 2013

Experience: I have worked in customer service for over 10 years, and have always been a very keen baker since being a little girl and making cakes with my Mum.  I was mentor to a young man with Autism when I worked in a coffee shop in a little town called Bakewell, before moving to Oxford and joining Yellow Submarine.

I am a qualified Ballet, Tap and Contemporary dance teacher, so on quiet days in the café kitchen, its sometimes not just sweeping and mopping we learn, and my A-level in further maths comes in very handy when the café till breaks down!

Roles within the charity: I work in the Witney café. I support the development and management of the cafe whilst supporting our trainees, PEAPs and apprentices.

Favourite Yellow Submarine memory: When a cafe trainee earned a tip from a customer for their wonderful service.

Cake or Biscuits?: I LOVE both, but probably biscuits as you can easily fit lots in your bag.