Activity Manager
07944 591302

Scarlett Joined the team in April 2018.


Experience: I have worked with children and young people in a variety of roles –  from nannying to working in schools to setting-up apprenticeship and employability schemes, plus all sorts of weird and wonderful things in between.Roles within the charity


Roles within the charity: As Activity Manager for West Oxfordshire, I run our Youth Club and Holiday Activities in Witney, as well as leading some of our compass sessions and getting involved in residential holidays wherever I can.


Favourite Yellow Submarine memory: Playing Laser Tag in a soft play centre on our Hereford residential – nothing says fun like a bunch of excited young people armed with laser guns and a ball pond!


Summer or Winter? Having moved to Oxford from the Highlands of Scotland, I’m still struggling to understand hot weather…  Give me snow, a sledge and a big, woolly bobble hat any day!