Volunteers at Monday Night Club

I am new to volunteering and I had no idea what I would be letting myself in for when I climbed those stairs a few weeks ago (I was absolutely terrified if I am completely honest)! I have been pleasantly surprised each week and I am sure, will continue to be so

The enthusiasm and energy in those rooms (or the pool) is amazing and completely contagious. I leave work wondering if I have enough energy to get through a Monday evening but after walking into an atmosphere where someone is so genuinely pleased to see you and as I mentioned before, is so FULL of energy, I leave Yellow Sub absolutely buzzing and rejuvenated. It takes me hours to get to sleep on Monday evening! And then on Tuesday mornings my poor colleagues have to listen to me gushing with enthusiasm about my evening and the amazing time I’ve had. In at nutshell, for me attending MNC, really is a happy pill and I am so glad I made the decision to apply to volunteer.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I certainly did not expect to get what I do out of these evenings. So thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.