Volunteers with us on a tier 5 charity visa

I started volunteering with Yellow Submarine in the early days of the charity. It has now grown so fast to having full time staff, an office and even a cafe. I couldn't be any prouder to volunteer with such a charity. 

Being new in the UK, I thought it was  a perfect opportunity for me to find out what's it like working with a UK charity with people with learning disabilities in comparison with the charities in Singapore. Plus I wanted to travel around England. What more could you ask for! The only thing that was unexpected was getting to stay in beautiful cottages in the country, staying by the beach in houses that look like a palace!

I was very impressed with the opportunities given to the members. Each of them were treated with respect and dignity. Staff provided them with so much independence, opportunities, choices and confidence that they could learn and partake at home.

Volunteering was a learning curve for me and changed my perspective at how people participate in their wider community. I can't thank Yellow Submarine enough for these memorable opportunities.