Holiday Volunteer

Having helped out on several Yellow Submarine holidays over the past couple of years, its hard to think back and remember exactly what the first one was like, but as I've come back several times to help out on more, I can say with certainty that I've loved every minute of every one.

Like everyone, I think going into a new situation with a group of people you've never met before can give you a bit of apprehension, but for me that disappeared after a few minutes, and from then on it was non-stop fun all the way to Teignmouth! Half way through that first trip I volunteered on, I got a phone call from head office asking if I could help out on the next holiday a few weeks later, it only took a couple of seconds to say "Yes, of course, I'd love to".

It’s like going away on a big fun family holiday, everyone is in great spirits and the atmosphere is lively. With the fantastic YS staff team, and hard work of the leaders on the holidays, as a volunteer you can concentrate on the holiday-makers and helping and enabling them to have the best holiday ever.

The fun part is that everyone loves to join in and try new things, its a real adventure and voyage of discovery and learning, with both holiday-makers and volunteers enjoying making new friends and discovering new activities together, whether it's seeing dolphins swimming alongside the boat, joining hundreds of people doing laughing yoga, being part of a bonfire night torchlight parade, or just simply all helping out with cooking a meal....

Any apprehensions you may have had beforehand will disappear so quickly and seem so irrelevant that you will wonder why you ever had any! As a volunteer on a Yellow Submarine holiday you are guaranteed to have an extremely rewarding, and most of all, fun-filled time, that will leave you planning ahead for the next one.