My first time volunteering was nerve racking, but I knew the reason why I wanted to help Yellow Submarine and that's because it is a charity that appealed to me. I had never had real experience working with people who have disabilities, so I was not aware of what to expect; however, I realised that I wanted to know more about people who have disabilities and what I can do to make their (and their parents) life easier because no one should have to struggle alone. 

With this in mind I started on a Thursday at the leisure centre where a sports activity day is run, this was the day I felt I could be at ease and just help people exercise, being a sporty guy, I soon fitted in and was meeting everyone and introducing myself. Within in half an hour a football match started up and everyone was joining in, working together as a team. Once the football had drawn to an end we visited the Gym (which everyone loved) and then on to swimming followed by lunch and a trip to the dance studio.

You may think that it is difficult to embrace new things or work with people who have disabilities because you don't know how to approach them. I can say that it is easier than you think... no one wants to be treated differently to anyone else, if you treat people with the say attitude and politeness as you would want to be treated with then you should face a problem. sometimes you will be required to give someone a little more of your time or attention, but this is not a hard task.

I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about volunteering with Yellow Submarine to do so! you wont regret it, I never have and that's why I continue to volunteer on the sports days and have even raised money for the charity. It is a really amazing charity and you shouldn't feel anxious of whether to volunteer or not.

I hope to see you on the Thursday activity days!!