Volunteers at our Compass Project.

I volunteer with the Oxford Wednesday Compass project. My role has mainly been to support the members in their task, helping out when things are difficult and just trying to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Whilst I was nervous before my first time volunteering I found the experience hugely enjoyable! Everyone at Compass - both the members and the other support workers - are very warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease from the beginning. What project we are focusing on changes every week which makes each voluntary experience different and exciting - I have done everything from fashioning cards to making hot chocolate spoons!

I think the work Yellow Submarine does is really incredible and you can tell how much the members enjoy it, and getting to be part of an organisation that is bringing that much happiness to people is really rewarding. Unfortunately I have exams very soon so have had to stop my volunteering, and I can honestly say I really miss it. I plan on getting back involved straight after my exams finish, and would really recommend anyone who has the time to consider joining - you won't regret it!