I originally wanted to volunteer with Yellow Submarine because it sounded like the ideal volunteering placement (make sure everyone has fun), and it was totally different to anything I’ve done before. Everyone made me feel so welcome and unlike my other volunteering placements, it felt like I mattered not only to the staff, parents and other volunteers, but to all the kids involved.

The nerves kicked in before my first day, the usual worries of what if I say the wrong thing? What if I forget someone’s name? Or just what if no one likes me? I can now look back and realise how silly all of these thoughts were. All involved are out to enjoy themselves and have a good time and all the children and young adults give off such infectious warmth that it is virtually impossible not to enjoy yourself! I’m sure I did forget people’s names and said the wrong thing once or twice but I can honestly say that no one makes you feel embarrassed for it and within two seconds everyone’s moved on to one of the more exciting activities.

I was fortunate enough to go on multiple day trips with Yellow Submarine which meant that I built up a relationship with a large number of the kids on those trips and found myself genuinely looking forward to seeing people who I’d only ever met once or twice before. Its remarkable how quickly everyone makes you feel integrated and part of the group and I was genuinely sad when it came to my last day.

I would definitely recommend volunteering with Yellow Submarine as not only is it worthwhile to parents and staff but you’ll end up being part of fun, happy memories for a great group of people!