Volunteered on young people's day trips

If you have even the faintest of interest in considering volunteering at Yellow Submarine, then I could not recommend doing so strongly enough! I decided to help out with 2 days of activities during half-term for a group of teenagers, a trip to Wytham farm & woods,  and another to Windrush leisure centre in Witney. I had no previous experience and was somewhat anxious about whether I'd be able to meet any expectation Yellow Submarine had of me, I soon realised that just getting stuck in where necessary is the main essence of what is required, it is not an exact science! What is involved? Generally being there for the youngsters in  a supporting role and being aware that from time to time they will need your help, talking with them for reassurance, ensuring that you are there when they face a challenge, for example, holding their hand whilst walking through the woods in case they are unable to do that on their own or encouraging an individual to get involved in an activity if they seem to be reluctant, ultimately the more you put into the day the more the youngsters get out of it and go back home tired and having had a day to remember, this is what you're able to give to them, for free! 

It was a hugely rewarding experience for me, meeting a group of teenagers who despite any disabilities, are full of character, are individuals who have a bundle of energy and very much hold clear personalities like any one else, they enjoy you being there for them and will give you great memories to take away and most likely some challenges along the way. Yellow Submarine were also very welcoming and I was helped by the other volunteers and staff to feel a part of the day and with anything I was unsure about. Get involved if you have the chance, don't miss it!