Volunteers at Monday Night Club.

Any hesitations I had on my first week of volunteering were quickly dismissed within ten minutes of Monday Night Club. I couldn’t think of a more cheery, chatty and entertaining group of people to spend an evening with.

The staff at Yellow Submarine really are incredible. They are so committed to the members and are always on hand to check that nothing has gone unnoticed or anyone is feeling down. The members themselves…well how do you describe them?! Intelligent, confident and independent – all traits which I truly believe are because of Yellow Submarine. The importance of independence is the thing that I find most rewarding - seeing someone completing a task, which a few weeks ago may not have been able to do it, really makes everything worthwhile.

I cannot rave enough about the importance of the work that Yellow Submarine do. If in any doubt, just pop along and see them. I can guarantee that you’ll be just like me – within minutes you’ll be hooked!