Five weeks solid of Yellow Submarine work was my first experience and it honestly went by so quickly - every day was different and it was impossible to be bored! I was very nervous before going on a whole week residential with two teenage groups and was especially unsure if I was really able to be helpful and cope with anything that might come up. Within 10 minutes of being on the bus we were all singing our way down the motorway as loud as we possibly could! Everyone was so immediately warm and friendly - young people and staff alike - that I felt completely at home and comfortable and that feeling has stayed over the year and half I've known Yellow Submarine.

I was also worried about getting my head around my responsibilities, but the person leading a session was always so clear and helpful and I always felt able to say I would rather not do something, swimming for example (I never have learned to swim properly...!). With such close groups and with the same young people coming regularly to sessions, I quickly felt like I was a regular part of the group and still do.

When I was getting on the bus for the first time to go on the residential I felt weirdly like one of the teenagers, going away and all nervous about making friends and I think that is one of the great things - as a volunteer you get to join in too. Yes, I will happily spend a few hours playing games; yep, going to the cinema and bowling is not too bad either.

I love how laid back and open Yellow Submarine is and I really hope I can keep working with them for a long time to come.