Student Placement

I started my volunteering in September 2014 as it is part of my College course to gain an experience from a health and social care environment.

I did not know anything about yellow submarine. I had no idea what kind of place it is and where it is. Until my tutor told me few things about yellow submarine and started to feel really nervous as I have never been to any kind of placement.

I felt really nervous on my first day as I do not know how to communicate with the service user so I was just an observant. But after that, I started to feel really confident as the staff are really supportive and the service users are really fun to be with as well. Doing different activities with them was one of the good memories that I will treasure.

Even though working in a health and social care environment its not for me. I would still recommend to people that one of the best placement to volunteer or work is at Yellow submarine. As a student representative of City of Oxford College, for those people who would be in this placement, you will never regret of becoming part of the Yellow Submarine Family.