Work Experience Manager
01865 236119

Kate joined Yellow Submarine in 2015.

Experience: BA Hons in Communication Studies followed by 25 years working in the world of television and film as a casting director!  I have also worked in the local charitable sector including 12 years as an Events Fundraiser at Helen & Douglas House.  More recently I have run my own catering company!

Roles within the charity: Supporting our trainees into future opportunities upon completion of their training programmes here at Yellow Submarine. I also work in the Oxford café, supporting our trainees and apprentices to work within the cafe.

Favourite Yellow Submarine Memory: Seeing our apprentices and trainees enjoy greeting our regulars in the morning – great start to the day!

Dogs or Cats? Dogs every time! I have my own dog her name is Muppet, and she often comes in to visit everyone at Yellow Submarine!