Volunteers at Monday Night Club

I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it! I love volunteering at The Yellow Submarine!

I would volunteer at Monday Night Club every night if they had one (although I suppose they would have to re-name it). You could not find a more welcoming group of people to spend some time with. The other volunteers, staff and young adults were so much fun to be around. I didn’t feel like I was volunteering as much as hanging out with a group of friends. I couldn’t sleep that night from all the excitement and anticipation of next week.

Although I am very outgoing, social and loud (my mum still reminds me to use my indoor voice) I do tend to take some time to get to that comfort level when I am around new people, yet I was dancing around the room within an hour of being there! It is a really great mix of people so you will have a great time and enjoy volunteering whether you are crazy and outgoing or more mellow and laid back since there are people who fit into any and all categories there.

Is it volunteering if I left benefiting from it?