Volunteers at our adult social club.

To sum it up in three words: fun, energetic, and welcoming.

Monday Night Club offered the ideal way to find my feet again with volunteering. I hadn’t volunteered for a very long time, and since relocating I’d also struggled to find a role that I could fit in around my work, get to with limited transport and have an opportunity to work with a range of ages. Yellow Submarine and especially Monday Night club easily met all of that, and after having met one of the staff in the café for a quick chat I was very much looking forward to getting started.

There is always something to get involved with and the members make you feel welcome straight away as do the other volunteers and staff. The help and support offered by Yellow Submarine and the way the sessions run certainly means it’s a great place to volunteer whether it’s your first time and the whole idea is nerve racking or you’re re-finding your feet!

No matter how much of a long day you have had working, studying or whatever your day to day is, as soon as the room is full with chatter it’s a great place to be.