Volunteers on our young people's activities.

I was nervous for my first time volunteering about going because I had never done anything like it before and am a shy person. My first day was a sports day where I was met by lovely staff and members who were very welcoming and made sure I was okay as it was my first time. It was a blast swimming, getting splashed and seeing the smiles on their faces (I would advise goggles) and to finish the fun day out a bowling trip. Where it was lovely to see the members interacting, helping and teaching each other to bowl. Since then I have been volunteering at a youth club most weeks where I have done lots of fun activities such as pizza making and a version of bingo that included edible bugs!

My favourite part of volunteering at yellow submarine is getting to know the individual young people with their own unique personalities. It is incredibly rewarding to see the smiles on their faces and the enthusiasm the staff and members have for yellow submarine. Yellow submarine is an amazing charity that I am happy to be a part of and I would encourage anyone who enjoys working with young people to not hesitate and join in the fun.