Volunteered on an adult residential trip

I volunteered for a Yellow Submarine holiday in 2012. Yellow Submarine had rented a spacious and attractive house just outside Torquay, on the English Riviera. This was the first Yellow Sub holiday I had been on, and I was not sure what to expect. My abiding memory of it is that it was extremely good fun. 

Toby had organised a range of activities - a boat trip, a visit to the zoo, bowling, a ride on a sightseeing choo choo train around Torquay, and a balance between eating out and meals cooked at home. I had not met the other volunteers before, but everyone - volunteers and guests alike - got along very well.  

Toby and the volunteers brought a wonderful sense of fun to the whole week. Toby's wife and children also came on the trip, and this made for a relaxed and familial atmosphere which the paying guests appeared to enjoy a great deal. My sister was one of the guests, and that was certainly the case with her. She kept talking about Toby's boys for some time afterwards. 

The fact that the other volunteers, as well as Toby and Lucy, already knew a number of the guests also contributed to the easygoing atmosphere. There were lots of in-jokes which soon became jokes for the whole group. Guests and volunteers  bonded easily.

I have no particular skills that are directly relevant either to this field of work, or to cooking/ housekeeping (which is not something I am proud of), and yet that didn't appear to matter at all. A sense of humour and a willingness to get involved seemed to be the most important qualities for a volunteer.

It was gratifying to see how much the guests enjoyed the week, and it was a pleasure to spend time with some thoroughly likeable and admirable people. I enjoyed it a great deal myself, and I would recommend the experience to anyone.