Background: Barnaby is a British schoolmaster who is the former Head Master of Harrow School in Harrow in north-west London.He retired in August 2011. He is Chairman of the Independent Schools Council (ISC). He is also a governor of a number of other schools, and from 2011 to 2012 was Vice-President of the Royal Geographical Society. In 2012 he helped start a Free School in the East End of London, the London Academy of Excellence, and he is now the Chairman of Governors. He is also a trustee of the New Schools Network. In 2012 he also joined the board of Ofqual, which manages standards in public examinations in England. Barnaby lives in Oxford.

Favourite Yellow Submarine memory: Being beaten hollow at the dog racing.

Fried egg or boiled egg?  Boiled egg….more fun with soldiers.