As an organisation we believe people with learning disabilities deserve to live life to the full. Our goals are to:

  1. Keep our members safe from harm
  2. Help our members to live full and happy lives
  3. Provide families with support which exceeds expectations
  4. Empower our members to no longer need us

To support us in reaching these goals and to ensure that our activities are running safely we have a number of policies and guidelines in place. Please make yourself familiar our essential policies and guidelines document (PDF download) and our safeguarding information sheet (PDF download) which outline key information and procedures about how we keep people safe. All Yellow Submarine staff and volunteers are expected to be aware and to work within the guidelines and procedures set out by our policies. Our full policy pack is available to download here.

To ensure that all of our staff and volunteers are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding we have devised a short online test which all staff must pass (the pass mark is 80%) to indicate that they are aware of the policies and procedures in place.

So please familiarise yourself with our policies & procedures relating to safeguarding and when you’re ready click the following link to complete our online safeguarding test:

Start the safeguarding test…

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