Wednesday Night Club

Please note: Wednesday Night Club is currently paused. We will send an update when sessions are back.

The Wednesday Night Club is a social group for young adults aged 18 to 30, based at the Children and Family Centre (formerly the Early Intervention Hub) in Witney, running from 6.00pm to 8:30pm on…you guessed it, Wednesdays!

Do you find yourself sitting at home bored, watching the soaps, thinking “there must be more to Wednesdays than this?” Well, there is….come and join us! The club is led by young adults, for young adults, so you are responsible for what we do. Recent activities have included a pub quiz, a fancy-dress party, Karaoke evenings, a 5-a-side football tournament and gaming on the PS4.

Our comfortable space is the perfect place for relaxing and kicking back with people your own age, you can spend time with your old friends and make new ones. We chat about everything from football and pop music, to sex, relationships and healthy eating.

Our central location (map) means we can take advantage of all Witney has to offer; lively pubs, tasty takeaways and great parks.

Once a month we have a ‘Wacky Wednesday’, where we do something special, usually based in the local community; we visit restaurants & pubs, go swimming, bowling and to the cinema.

Aside from having fun, the aim of Wednesday night Club is to support young adults in transition build independent social lives. Through peer based learning, it is a stepping stone to accessing mainstream groups.

We understand that everybody interacts at different levels and recognise that some people find socialising more challenging than others. At Yellow Submarine we hope to help you build confidence and make new friends.

It’s free the first time you come and just £5 thereafter. If you’d like to come along or learn more please contact the team or call the office on: 01865 236 119.

Please note – both MNC and WNC are full and have waiting lists at the moment, but please do get in touch to get on the waiting list.

If you’d like to learn more, take a look at the FAQ’s below!

Who is it aimed at?

WNC is for young adult’s aged 18-30 years with mild to moderate learning disabilities and/or Autism.

What level of support is offered?

The club is facilitated by trained staff and volunteers; they are fun loving, approachable and experienced.

Staffing is typically on a 5:1 ratio, but you may bring your own Support Worker, PA, or sibling along if you need a little more help or feel a bit anxious about your first visit!

Where is it?

The club is held at the Witney Childran and Family Centre, Witan Way. OX28 4YA. Facilities include a lounge area, art room, kitchen, sports hall, garden and sports pitch.

What time does it run?

Club starts at 6.00pm and finishes at 8.30pm.

How much does it cost?

Your first session is free, after that it costs just £5.

You can pay this on the door or we can invoice you on a monthly basis if you prefer.

There is no charge for support staff, PA’s, or siblings.

Do I need to bring any extra money?

Squash and hot drinks are available free of charge.

The group often collect dinner from a local takeaway and eat their evening meal together at the club, we wouldn’t recommend you bring more than £5-10 for this.

We sometimes provide a meal, either funded by us, or for a small donation (£2 or £3). We will let you know in advance if this is happening.

If we are doing an activity that requires extra money we will always let you know ahead of time and offer alternatives if this cost is prohibitive.

Staff can support you to look after your money if necessary.

Do I have to come every week?

No, you can come to WNC as little or as often as you like.

I'm interested, what's the next step?

If you have never used Yellow Submarine’s services before, you will need to get in touch with our team and let us know you would like to join.

This is a very simple process that she will guide you through.

How do I find out what is going on at WNC?

Once you’ve joined, we send out a newsletter at the beginning of each term, detailing upcoming events. We also have a weekly email list that you can join- we send an email a couple days in advance with information about the upcoming WNC.

Everyone who attends WNC has a part in planning and choosing activities, we are always keen to hear your ideas, please contact Annie with suggestions.

What are WACKY Wednesdays?

WACKY Wednesdays are evenings when we go out and about either into the community or further afield! These trips are planned three months in advance and happen on the first Wednesday of every month. They normally cost a little extra and may finish a little later, which is why we plan them in advance!

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