Training and Work Experience

Phase 1 Traineeship

Our Phase 1 Traineeship is perfect for those who are ready to think about the transition between education and employment.

Key features of the Traineeship:

A 6 month holistic programme which runs over 21 hour per week. This programme enables our Trainees to prepare personally and professionally for the world of work.

Our Trainees are supported in small groups or 4 or 5 individuals, and spend 4 hours per week working towards an Entry Level 3 qualification in Employability and 17 hours per week working in one of our two award winning cafe’s.

High levels of support provided by our trained staff enable us to meet the specific needs of each individual, and we regularly review progress to ensure that our Trainees are striving towards their next goal. This often enables our Trainees to achieve more than they thought possible.

Progression on to Phase 2 of our Traineeship is often the next step for those who complete Phase 1.

Our programme is subcontracted by Abingdon & Witney College and funding is often available through an EHCP;  We have two intakes per year; one in March and one in September. Contact Becs to discuss further.


Phase 2 Traineeship

Our Phase 2 Traineeship is exclusively available for those who have successfully completed Phase 1. This year long programme focuses on the next steps and proactively prepares our Trainees for the world of work. The format is similar to that of Phase 1; the trainees spend 4 hours per week in the classroom and 17 hours per week training in our cafe’s, however the Trainees will now be working towards a Level 1 qualification in Employability, and will be expected to work across both cafes (travel training will be provided if necessary). During Phase 2 there is the opportunity to be given more responsibility, and the focus will slowly shift to opportunities in the work place as during the second half of Phase 2, work experience opportunities are arranged. The same level of support is provided as in Phase 1, but this time the focus is on striving to achieve all that is possible for each individual. 100% of those in our last cohort have gone on to find paid employment.