Adult residential FAQs

Who can go on holiday?

To be eligible for a Yellow Submarine adult residential you must:

  • Live in Oxfordshire
  • Be a member of Yellow Submarine
  • Be attending one of our more regular sessions on a weekly basis

Please contact Cara on or 01865236119 if you would like to discuss about your holiday options!

How do I book myself onto a holiday?

Our holiday programme is released at the end of each year, and our booking process is as follows;

  • December 2019—Yellow Submarine’s Adult Holiday Programme to be circulated to parents, carers and members.
  • January 2020—Preference forms to be returned to Cara, specifying members holiday choices. (1st 2nd and 3rd choices)
  • February 2020— Holiday allocations and booking forms sent out.

Pleaes note that being sent a holiday programme does not guarantee that you will be allocated a space on a holiday that year, if this is the case then we will endeavour to ensure you are put into contact with organisations that offer a similar service and you will have booking priority the following year.

Do I need to meet you in Oxford to come on holiday?

We endeavour to pick people up and drop them at home when coming on holiday with us, occasionally this may not be possible, and it may mean you using public transport to meet us in Oxford. If this is a barrier to you accessing our holidays we may be able to offer help with transport in certain circumstances.

How will we get to our holiday destination?

Yellow Submarine has a 12 seater minibus, which is used for the majority of our trips, it does not have a wheelchair accessible ramp. It has an AUX port so bring along your mp3 player to listen to your favourite songs.

How many people will be coming?

On our residential holidays we normally take between five and eight adults with a learning disability away, with either three or four staff depending on the needs of the group.

Do I have to share a bedroom?

Depending on the house you’re staying in you may be able to request your own room; this will incur an additional cost of £25 per night, and you can specify this on your booking form. Although this is not always possible and certain houses require individuals to share rooms, this will always be a person of the same gender.

Are the holidays risk assessed?

Yes, all of our holidays are risk assessed before we go, to receive a copy please contact Cara on or 01865236119.

Will the house I’ll be staying in be accessible?

We stay in various holiday houses throughout the UK, all of which have varying levels of accessibility, this will be identified in the holiday programme.

How much do your holidays cost?

The cost of our UK holidays normally cost £750, whereas our holidays abroad are normally around £1200.

When should I pay for a holiday?

If you have been allocated a holiday space a £200 deposit is required along with the booking form, sending us these two things means you’re your space is reserved! The remainder of the cost is then due a month before the trip.

How should I pay for a holiday?

You can pay in a number of different ways; the most popular choice is by bank transfer, although payment is also possible by cheque, cash, or instalments.

What’s included in the cost?

Our holidays are all inclusive! This means full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day of your holiday), all your activities, transport and support are included within the cost of your holiday

How many staff will there be?

Holidays are led by a trained Yellow Submarine Holiday Leader, who will be supported by a small team of staff and volunteers. On average there will be 3 staff, to 5 holidayers.

All staff and volunteers have undergone the appropriate checks and hold DBS certificates.

Holiday leaders are trained in First Aid and Medication Administration.

Do parents/carers need to attend?

No, the whole idea is that carers should also have a break. However if for some reason you would like a carer to attend as well we can often accommodate this. The cost for carers is 50% of the normal price.

Do you provide personal care?

We can provide personal care at an additional cost of £25 per day, please contact Cara on or 01865236119 to discuss your needs. Although we do not carry out invasive procedures (such as helping individuals with contact lenses).

I normally have one to one support, is this something you can provide?

We can occasionally provide one to one support depending on your needs; please contact Cara on or 01865236119 to discuss. One to one support is generally priced at an additional cost of £25 per day, if you would like to bring a carer this is also something we may be able to accommodate.

I have a medical condition that requires specific training; are you able to support me?

You will need to contact Cara via or 01865236119 to discuss; our staff may already have the training you require. Also if we know in advance our staff may be able to receive this training before your holiday, although this may incur an additional cost.

I take regular medication, how should it be stored when bringing it on a holiday?

If you require Yellow Submarine staff to look after your medication, please indicate so on your booking form, your holiday leader will then contact you to gather additional information. We ask that medication is stored in a labelled container, along with the prescription label clearly showing the holidayers name and administration information.

We ask that the correct amount of medication is provided for the trip with a small amount of additional tablets in case the unlikely event of spillage, spoilage or loss occurs during the trip.

The medication must also match the information provided at the time of booking, please contact Cara on or 01865236119 to update any changes to medication.

What will I be doing?

Activities vary between holiday locations; around two or three weeks before the holiday starts you will be send a pictorial timetable which will show you what we’re doing in in the morning, afternoon and evening. If there’s an activity you would really like to do while away with us, let Cara know in advance through or 01865236119. That way we can try and ensure that it is planned in!

What do I need to bring?

Before each holiday we will send you a packing list, as a guide we usually suggest:

  • Enough clothes and underwear for the duration of the trip
  • Pyjamas or a nightie
  • Waterproof coat
  • Slippers for wearing in the house
  • Swimming kit
  • 1 towel (for the beach or swimming pool)
  • Toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant etc.)
  • A teddy or something familiar from home
  • Reusable drinks bottle
  • CD’s or videos (please label)

We are happy for you to bring iPads, cameras, mobile phones, hand held games consoles etc. but cannot guarantee their safety. We are not responsible for any loss or damage, so please consider what you pack carefully.

How much money do I need?

We suggest that holidayers bring £15 per day of your holiday to pay for activities and any souvenirs that you wish to purchase, but advise that if you are a big spender you should bring more to accommodate this!

Do I need to bring bed linen and towels?

Generally bed linen is provided in the houses we stay in; if they are required we will let you know in advance. We advise that you bring your own towel with you, as we can’t guarantee that there will be enough towels provided.

Will I make new friends?

The majority of people who come on holiday with us say at the end of the trip that they’ve made new friends! Everyone who comes on a Yellow Submarine holiday does so to have fun, and sometimes many of the holidayers have never met each other before, so it’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends!