Thank you for joining the Yellow Submarine team – we’re really pleased to have you on-board. Whether you’ve joined us a member of staff or as a volunteer we want to make sure that you feel happy and supported in your role – if you have any questions please ask any member of staff, we’re a friendly bunch and only too happy to help!

Hopefully, on your first day or activity with us you were given details of what’s expected of you in your role and were made to feel welcome. You should also have been given our essential policies and guidelines document (PDF download) to read and sign – this outlines key information and procedures about how we keep people safe. If you haven’t received a copy of this pop into the Yellow Submarine office or let Kate know.

Before each activity or shift you should be given a briefing by whoever’s in charge, outlining what’s happening, any key health & safety information and any need to know information. There will also be an opportunity at the end to discuss what’s happened during the day/activity, give feedback and to raise any concerns. You can also give feedback via our online feedback forms.

To make sure our staff and volunteers feel supported we run regular induction sessions throughout the year; during these sessions key information relating to our policies and procedures are outlined which all staff and volunteers are expected to work within. All staff and volunteers should attend an induction session within six months of joining us – you’ll be informed of when the next session is when you join.

However, we know sometimes life makes it a bit tricky to attend so we have made our induction information available for you to download. Please click the link below – happy reading!

Yellow Submarine induction information 2022

Once you’ve made yourself familiar with the induction information do chat to your line manager about any questions you may have. As part of our induction we have put together an ‘induction test’ based on our policies and procedure for new staff and volunteers to complete and show their understanding.

Start the induction test…

Other helpful information:

> Full Policy Pack – All staff & volunteers should be aware of and work within our policies & procedures.
> Safeguarding Information Sheet – Key information about keeping people safe for staff & volunteers.
> Yellow Submarine safeguarding contact details – key contact details for keeping people safe.
> Staff resources – helpful information and documents for staff.
> Volunteer resources – helpful information and documents for volunteer.