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  • We were delighted this January to receive a very kind donation for the Reuben Foundation, to assist us in our delivery of our traineeships and Apprenticeships in our enterprise cafes. This donation will help us meet some of the costs which we find it most hard to fundraise for, so a huge thankyou to the Trustees.
  • Yellow Submarine are thrilled to receive a donation from the Green Square Group Community Fund. This donation is towards the cost of running our Compass Project, and will ensure that any potential member can access the training and development that the project provides. Thankyou to all at Green Square!
  • We are so heartened to be supported by our neighbours - the congregation at Christchurch in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire, have made a donation to help us deliver our services. Thankyou so much!
  • Cottsway Housing very generously made a donation from their Community Fund to assist us in buying our second minibus - an essential purchase for our Witney Hub! It was made extra special by the fact that local residents were involved in deciding where funds should go - and they chose us! Thankyou!
  • Our young people are going to be thrilled this year - The Doris Field Charitable Trust has made a very kind donation towards the cost of providing our residential break programme over the school holidays. These holidays receive no statutory funding, even though they provide valuable respite for families as well as life changing opportunties for our members, and so we are enormously grateful for the support of the Doris Field Trustees. Thankyou!
  • The Grey Court Trust have generously made a donation towards our costs of running our cafe based training for our members. Our Compass Project, Traineeships and Apprentices offer tailored support to our our members to encourage personal development and growth towards employment and increased independence. We are hugely grateful to the Trustees for their support.
  • In July 2017 we recieved a wonderful donation from The Boutell Bequest. We are thrilled to have the ongoing support of the trust, and would like to thank the Board of Trustees once again.
  • Baily Thomas have supported Yellow Submarine's aims and projects for some time now, and we are humbled that the Trustees have agreed to continue to support us again this coming year. This grant, towards our training and employment projects, will allow us to continue to work with our members in the most effective way possible, to help them achieve their ambitions. We would like to say an enormous thankyou to the Trustees for your ongoing support and belief in our work.
  • We are so pleased to have recieved a donation from the Oxford Spires Scout District, after their St George's Day Parade Collection. It is fantastic to know that Oxford young people are ready and willing to support their peers to have an exciting and fulfilling youth, accessing the same level of activities and opportunities. Thankyou to all the young people and volunteers at the Scouts!
  • We were thrilled to start the new year with the news that we had received a wonderful donation from the Robert and Margaret Moss Charitable Trust. This donation will be put towards the cost of running our Monday Night Club project, a social informal education group aimed at engaging and supporting isolated young adults. This project is hugely important in bringing in young adults who would benefit from training and support with us - lives are changed because of it. So many, many thanks to the Trustees.
  • In May 2016 we were delighted to welcome St Jame's Place Foundation to Yellow Submarine, to visit our Launchpad Project in Oxford. Meeting all our fantastic members and seeing the fantastic progress they are making resulted in a grant being made to suppor the project over the coming year. We are thrilled that this project is growing and developing, and we have now opened a parallel project in West Oxfordshire, to allow us to invite more members. Thankyou to all the representatives and trustees from St James's Place Foundation, who believe in the potential of young adults in Oxfordshire.
  • In May 2016 we were surprised and delighted to receive a donation from Accountants and Business Advisors James Cowper Kreston. We are hugely appreciative, and this donation will be used to assist our most vulnerable members and their families. Thankyou from all at Yellow Submarine!
  • Grant towards Junior Compass - Summer 15
    We received a grant from Oxford University Community Fund towards the running of our Junior Compass project during summer 2015. At Junior Compass learners are supported to try their hand at different jobs, learn new skills and discover what suits their abilities and needs.
  • Grant towards the Compass Project 2014-15
    The European Social Fund, co-financed by the Skills Funding Agency and Surrey Community Action, funded our work experience programme the Compass project for the 2014-15 Academic year. The Compass Project adopts a “learning by doing” approach to help people with disabilities to work. The funding allowed us to expand the Compass Project and support more learners.
  • Grant towards setting up our first cafe - December 2012
    In December 2012 we were awarded a grant by the Gannett Foundation, the charitable arm of Newquest who publish local newspapers such as the Oxford Mail and the Oxford Times. The grant was towards the setting up of a smoothie and sandwich bar to be staffed by people with learning disabilities - helping us to open the doors to our Oxford cafe!
  • Grant awarded to provide holiday activities - 2015/16
    In February 2015 we were awarded a grant to run holiday activities for young people living in Littlemore, Blabkbird Leys and surrounding areas. This has enabled us to develop our youth club and sports days in East Oxford.
  • The Clothworkers' Foundation have made a substantial donation towards the purchase of an essential minibus for our Witney hub. This will enable us to run all the activities, training and groups that we have going on in Witney, with the transport we need to do it. Thank you to the trustees, we hugely appreciate this support.
  • Fraser Hamilton and the team at M40 Offices made our day by making a donation towards the cost of running our young people's residential trips. These breaks are not only great fun for the young people themselves, but they also give parents a chance to have a rest, and spend time with their other children. These trips receive no local authority funding at all, so the the team at M40 are making a huge difference to many families over the next year. Thankyou!
  • We are very grateful to have received, February 18', a very kind donation from the R S Brownless Charitable Trust, towards our young people's residential programme. Our young people look forward to these breaks all year round, so we are thrilled that the trust have chosen to support them this year. Thankyou!!
  • The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust - Ann Rylands Small Donation
    The Sir Jules Thorn Trust has made a very welcome donation to the running of our respite breaks for over 18s. We are hugely grateful that these breaks can continue to give our members and their families much needed time apart, to try new things, rest, and relax!
  • The Sandford Trust have very generously made a donation towards our children's work, in particular our residential respite programme for the coming. We receive no statutory funding for our respite breaks, and so this donation will make a significant difference to the young people who holiday with us this year. Thankyou to the trustees for your support!
  • We were delighted in October 2015 to receive a donation from the Woodroffe Benton Foundation. Their contribution towards our adult's residential programme is invaluable, and we are thrilled that our respite provision can continue. Thankyou to all the trustees at the Woodroffe Benton Foundation.
  • We were delighted in October 2015 to receive a wonderful donation from the HDH Wills Charitable Trust, to assist us in delivering our adult's residential respite programme. We are so pleased to be supported in helping vulnerable and potentially isolated adults in our community (and their families) to have the much needed r&r they deserve. Thankyou to all the trustees for their support.
  • We are hugely pleased to receive, for the first time, a generous donation from the Dixie Rose FIndlay Charitable Trust. This donation will assist greatly in our being able to continue to deliver residential programmes for our young people in the school holidays. Often seen as luxuries, we know how invaluable they are both to the young people and also their families and carers. Thankyou so much to all the trustees for your kind support.
  • Mid-counties Co-operative Community Fund has once again shown us wonderful support in making a donation towards the cost of purchasing a new vehicle to help us deliver our services in Witney. It is not the first time the MidCounties Co-operative have supported us, and we are hugely appreciative. A massive thankyou to all at the Mid-counties.
  • We are so very pleased to accept a donation, for the first time, from the Stanton Ballard Trust. The Trustees' donation towards our Launchpad Project is very much appreciated, and will help us continue to run the project and cover its costs. Thankyou to the Trustees, on behalf of our members.
  • Yellow Submarine is delighted to have received their first ever donation from the M J Hindley Charitable Trust. This donation will be put towards our costs in running our Launchpad project - an essential service that enables our new and existing members to engage with the charity in an informal, relaxed way. This then encourages and facilitates growth in confidence and aspiration. A huge thankyou to the Trustees for their kind support.
  • We love getting to know the neighbours, and only a few short weeks after opening our Witney cafe and hub, we met with the Witney Educational Foundation, who agreed to help us by funding some of the equipment needed to set up our training for Witney young people. We are very grateful to have met such support, and want to say a sincere thankyou to the Trustees.
  • We felt like Santa had come early in December 2015 when we heard that the John Horniman's Children's Trust wanted to give us a generous grant towards the costs of running our young people's residential breaks next year. As funding for this respite becomes harder to find, we were worried that our young members and their families would not be able to access these "life saving" breaks any more. Thanks to the John Horniman's Children's Trust this won't be the case. A huge thankyou to all the trustees.
  • We are delighted to receive a donation from the Douglas Arter Foundation, to assist us in delivering our residential respite programme for Oxfordshire people with learning disabilities. These breaks are a vital support for families and carers who give their unconditional support all year round. They need a break too, like we all do, and Yellow Submarine is only too pleased to help provide one. Thankyou to all the Trustees for agreeing to help us.
  • We are thrilled to bring in the New Year with a generous grant from The Sobell Foundation. This grant, over the next three years, will enable our Skills Coach to support our young adults to complete their training and Apprenticeships, reaching the required levels of competency in Maths and English, and gaining the qualifications they deserve. A huge thankyou to the Trustees for your wonderful support.
  • We were very excited to receive news that we had been awarded a grant by The Syder Foundation - to support our work with our young people through our residential respite programme. Respite breaks are becoming increasingly hard to fund, but not to justify. They offer essential opportunities for young people to grow in independence and confidence, and provide desperately needed respite for parents and carers. Thankyou to the Trustees for your kind donation.
  • We are thrilled to have recieved a grant from Next PLC, to assist us in delivering our cafe enterprise projects in Oxford and Witney. We are very grateful for the support of the board.
  • We are very grateful to the Trustees of The Bridgewater Charitable Trust, our newest supporter, for their kind donation to our work.
  • We are delighted to receive our first ever grant from The Rank Foundation, which will be used to help us deliver our ambitious residential break programme for our young members this summer. We are so pleased that the trustees have agreed to support us to continue this valuable work. A huge thankyou.
  • Once again we are hugely appreciative that we are able to add a new funder, The Helianthus Charitable Trust, to our Donors Hall of Fame! We are so pleased that the Trustees have chosen to support us in meeting some of the costs associated with running our two enterprise cafes. We are very, very grateful.
  • We are so grateful to have the continuing support of The Champniss Charitable Trust. We hugely appreciate the generosity of the Trustees' donations to our work. Thankyou for supporting our Oxfordshire members!
  • Our friends at The Landmark Trust have generously donated several holidays over the past few years to our members and their families. At a time when breaks for families are becoming harder to access, we are super excited and grateful that The Landmark Trust supports us to make sure that we can offer as much of a break as possible to families who might otherwise not get one. We love to hear the stories and see the photos when our members tell us about the amazing time they've had. Thankyou so much to The Landmark Trust.
  • We are thrilled to have recently received a generous donation from The Ironmongers' Charity, to assist us in covering the cost of employing a Skills Coach to work with our Trainees and Apprentices. This member of our team is essential in ensuring that our learners have the support and coaching that they need to acquire the necessary skills and understanding. We would like to pass on a huge thankyou to the Trustees, and we are looking forward to the coming year of this project.
  • The David Solomons Charitable Trust have kindly made a donation towards the continuation of our respite break service for adults with a learning disability. These breaks are essential in promoting independence and well-being for the holidayer, but also providing rest and recouperation for their family and/or carer. We are thrilled to have some support for this service, when it is often seen as a 'luxury' rather than as a neccessity.
  • We could not be more delighted to have been selected by Oxford City Council's panel of young people and officers to recieve a generous Youth Ambition grant towards the running of our unique Launchpad project. Run on a Monday evening, this project gives the young adults who attend the opportunity to access a social life as independent and as fulfilling as those enjoyed by their non-disabled peers. Usually a first step towards socialising independently, using public transport, accessing mainstream venues such as the pub and music gigs, going speedating - this project is essential in supporting these young adults to grab life by the horns, rather than be isolated, stuck at home, and dependent on families and carers. It also provides an introduction to our training and employment opportunities, and respite breaks, and helps members and their families to aim and plan high for the future.
  • We were thrilled when our friends at The Dragon School made a donation to Yellow Submarine following their legendary Christmas Sale at the end of 2015. We would like to thank the students of The Dragon School, along with the members of the Dragon Sale Committee and all the volunteers who made the event such a success. Thankyou to The Dragon School for your ongoing support of our young peoples' activities.
  • We are extremely grateful to the Miss W E Lawrence 1973 Charitable Settlement for their very kind and generous donation to our work with young adults in Oxford in preparing them for a life of employment and increased independence. This donation will help us to ensure that any young adult who would benefit from this service is able to access it. Many, many thanks to the Trustees.
  • Thanks to the kind generosity of the trustees of The Steven Bloch Image of Disability Charitable Trust, we will be able to work with our Compass Project members to create digital and other media that will help communicate the nature of our service to those that might wish to become involved. We are looking forward to getting started in creating artwork and images for our West Oxfordshire Compass Group, to be displayed and used in our social enterprise cafe.
  • Witney Educational Foundation have once again come to our aid in ensuring that some of Witney's most vulnerable families are able to access our children's services over the summer and christmas holidays as often as they need to. We are thrilled that we will be able to respond to the needs of our young members as and when we see it, and not be restricted due to lack of finances. Thankyou so much to all the Trustees, we appreciate your support immensely.
  • The Barbara Ward Children's Foundation has agreed to support the provision of our young people's residential break service over the next three years. We are so grateful that our young members will continue to be able to take time away from their parents, families and carers, like most other teenagers love to do, to grow in confidence, independence and ability away from home for a few days. We LOVE it when our young people start to branch out on their own, and this grant from BWCF will enable them to keep doing so. Thankyou so much to the trustees.
  • After hearing about us from one of our regular volunteers, members of Carfax Lodge No 5723 decided to kindly donate £200 towards our cause - thank you!

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